Reflections on the Week

After a seemingly endless, wet winter, the week has been dry and at times, warm even. Suddenly the garden is perking up, daffodils shouldering their way up through the lawn, all sorts of shrubs and plants budding and birds sniffling bit of twigs for nests.

i was taken by one or two things in the news this week; of course, the budget dominated things and once again we were treated to the unedifying sight of a very rich man, stealing money away from poor people. Hopefully there is already a ground swell building, which means that Osborne’s cuts to disabled benefits will not pass through parliament as law, but still, it left a dirty taste in the mouth that he even attempted it.

Speaking of dirty tastes, or perhaps just dirt, it was good to read that Cheltenham banned a sports management company from attending the Festival after  a group of footballers say fit to urinate into glasses in public and then pour it over a balcony. I am firmly of the opinion that professional footballers are overpaid and under-talented and it once again brought to mind how totally lacking in class they are, for all their money. As Obama once said, “You can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig”.

Class reared its head in Australia yesterday as the GP season revved up at the first GP of the season. I have a vested interest, of course, as I’m a fully signed up petrol head and we have a 3-time world champion in Lewis Hamilton. He’s a deceptive figure as he cuts an unusual image with his shades, studs, and, let’s face it, bling jewellery. For this reason, he can sometimes be seen as a lightweight and he certainly doesn’t fit the bill that I’m sure some of the ‘Blazers’ in Motorsport expect him to fulfil.

However, yesterday, after much speculation over pre-season testing, he came back, got in his car and simply destroyed the opposition. Fastest in every session and,crucially, qualifying, where he annexed pole by 3/10s from his team mate, it was an exercise in true class and delivering what you’re paid to deliver.

And so, to today. Well, it’s sunny again and I can’t think of a reason not to get out in the garden. The bed for the broad beans needs hoeing, there’ll be some pruning to do, I’m sure and at least 3 of the large bonsai need transplanting into new pots.



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